Jefferson County, Alabama

Inspection Scheduling with IVR and SelectTXT


Jefferson County Alabama - Self Serve Inspection Scheduling

Using the IVR and SelectTXT Systems to Request Inspections and Inspection Results

Development Services uses an automated inspection request system known as interactive voice response (IVR) and SelectTXT, providing extra channels for contractors and homeowners with their Inspection management.

The IVR phone system allows you to:

  • Schedule/cancel/reschedule inspections
  • Leave inspectors voice messages and comments
  • Get inspection results
  • Inspection request and inspection information are available 24 hours a day through the IVR and SelectTXT systems

Once an inspector has finished your requested inspection(s), the inspection results are posted to the IVR and SelectTXT system. Just as you can schedule your inspections using IVR, you can also access the results posted by the inspector.

IVR and SelectTXT Instructional Brochure     *updated

Scheduling an inspection

You can book an inspection online or by phone (Using IVR & SelectTXT). To schedule an inspection, you need your permit number, three-digit inspection code(s) of the inspection(s) you want to schedule and a way to record your confirmation number.

Schedule by Phone(Using IVR)

  1. Dial 205-918-7762
  2. Make a choice from the menu
    • Press [l] to schedule an inspection
    • Press [2] to cancel or reschedule an inspection
    • Press [3] to obtain inspection results
    • Press [0] to speak to department staff
  3. Follow the spoken prompts for entering your permit number, inspection code, and other details
Schedule with SelectTXT (844-752-6068)
  1. Text one of the following actions to the number above.
    • "SCHEDULE" to schedule an inspection
    • "CANCEL" to cancel an inspection
    • "RESCHEDULE" to reschedule an inspection
    • "RESULTS" to obtain inspection results
  2. Follow the spoken prompts for entering your permit number, inspection code, and other detail

You can use Express Commands to schedule even quicker with a single message. See how...