County Directory


Commissioners by District

District Phone Commissioner
District 1 205-214-5507 Lashunda Roberts Scales
District 2 205-325-5074 Sheila Tyson
District 3 205-325-5555 James A. “Jimmie” Stephens
District 4 205-325-5070 T. Joe Knight
District 5 205-325-5503 Mike Bolin

County Leadership

Main: 205-731-2880

Cal Markert, County Manager
Daren Lanier, Deputy County Manager
Heather Carter, Deputy County Manager
Angela Dixon, Chief Financial Officer
Justin Smith, Assistant to the County Manager
Helen Hays, APR, Director of Public Information

Main: 205-325-5688

Theo Lawson, County Attorney
Shawnna Smith, Deputy County Attorney
Don Carrol, Assistant County Attorney
Brent Grainger, Assistant County Attorney
French McMillan, Assistant County Attorney
Allison Nichols Gault, Assistant County Attorney

County Departments

Department Main Contact Additional Information
Environmental Services Main: 205-942-0681
David Denard, Director
Daniel White, Deputy Director
Margaret Tanner, Deputy Director
Sewer Administration 205-325-5496 Sewer Billing/Customer Care: 205-325-5390
Sewer Impact: 205-214-8608
24 hour EMERGENCY Line: 205-942-0681
Development Services Main: 205-325-5321
Josh Johnson, Director
Dayla Baugh, Deputy Director
Criminal Dumping: 205-582-6555
Storm Water Pollution: 205-325-5792
Volunteer Cleanups: 205-325-8741
Addressing: 205-325-5174
Roads and Transportation Main: 205-325-5141
Chris Nicholson, Director
Robert Carr, Deputy Director
Tyler Hayes, Deputy Director
Wendy Shelby, Deputy Director
Traffic Division: 205-849-2341
General Services Main: 205-214-5504
Trisha Wilkins, Director
Service Requests: 205-849-2380
Bulk Stores Warehouse: 205-849-2384
Card Access: 205-849-2380
Elections: 205-849-2391
Security Main: 205-325-5626
Barry Kennemer, Chief of Security
Coroner/Medical Examiner Main: 205-930-3603
Dr. Greg Davis, Chief Coroner and Medical Examiner
Bill Yates, Chief Deputy Coroner
Juvenile Detention Main: 205-325-5498
Monique Grier, Director
Juan Sepulveda, Deputy Director
Board of Registrars Main: 205-325-5550
Barry Stephenson, Chairman
Community Services Main: 205-325-5761
Dr. Frederick Hamilton, Director
Community Development: 205-521-7569
HOME program: 205-521-7565
Senior Services: 205-325-5567
Finance Main: 205-325-1455
Angela Dixon, Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director
Malinda Parker, Deputy Director
Accounting Division: 205-325-5630
Budget Management Office: 205-325-5765
Investor Relations Office: 205-325-5762
Purchasing Division: 205-325-1412
PACA: 205-325-5381
Revenue Main: 205-325-5171
Wesley (Scott) Moore, Director
Eric Pruitt, Deputy Director
Scott Heron, Deputy Director
Enforcement Division: 205-731-2975
Bessemer Office: 205-481-4110
Center Point Office: 205-714-7175
Hoover Office: 205-497-8976
Gardendale Office: 205-909-3610
Board of Equalization Main: 205-325-5566
Maria Knight, Chairman
Margie George, Associate Member
Karen Wadlington, Associate Member
Bessemer Office: 205-481-4120
Information Technology Services Main: 205-325-5301
Srikanth (Sri) Karra, Chief Information Officer
Antonio Crespo, Deputy Chief Information Officer
HELP DESK: 205-325-5999
Human Resources Main: 205-325-5249
Melody Banks, Chief Human Resources Officer
Romissa Walton, Deputy Director
Vincent Curtis, Deputy Director
Strategic Relationship Management: 205-582-5833
Employee Selection: 205-325-5349 ext. 1006
Employee Services/Benefits: 205-325-5349 ext. 1021
Learning and Organizational Development: 205-325-5249 ext. 1012
Human Resources Information System (HRIS): 205-325-4259 ext. 1010
Compliance Office Main: 205-325-5535
Cricket Snyder, Chief Compliance Officer
Equity and Inclusion Hotline: 844-759-0034
Public Information Office Main: 205-731-2891
Helen Hays, Director
Chiara Morrow, Public Relations Coordinator: 205-325-5373

Elected Officials

Office Contact Details
Treasurer - Birmingham Office Eyrika Parker, Treasurer
Treasurer - Bessemer Office Sherry McClain, Deputy Treasurer
Tax Collector - Birmingham Office J.T. Smallwood, Tax Collector
Tax Collector - Bessemer Office Johnny L. Curry, Assistant Tax Collector
Tax Assessor - Birmingham Office Gaynell Hendricks, Tax Assessor
Tax Assessor - Bessemer Office Charles Winston, Assistant Tax Assessor

Court Divisions and Officials

The Jefferson County court system (The 10th Judicial Circuit) and affiliated offices consist of a mixture of personnel from the State of Alabama, the Jefferson County Commission, and partner agencies.
Circuit Court – Birmingham Civil Division
Judge Phone
Presiding Judge Elisabeth French 205-325-5200
Judge Pat Ballard 205-325-5025
Judge Donald Blankenship 205-714-3375
Judge Bernadette Green 205-325-5032
Judge Marshell Hatcher 205-325-5644
Judge Jim Hughey 205-325-5365
Judge Tamara Johnson 205-325-5388
Judge Javan Patton 205-307-6971
Judge Carole Smitherman 205-325-5158
Judge Robert Vance 205-325-5035
Circuit Court- Bessemer Civil Division
Judge Phone
Judge Annetta Verin 205-497-8592
Judge Reginald Jeter 205-497-8593
Circuit Court – Birmingham Criminal Division
Judge Phone
Judge Michael Streety (Presiding Circuit Criminal) 205-327-8205
Judge Clyde Jones 205-325-5395
Judge Teresa Pulliam 205-325-5349
Judge Stephen Wallace 205-325-5325
Judge Tracie Todd 205-325-5290
Judge Alaric May 205-214-8683
Judge Shanta’ Owens 205-325-5646
Judge Kechia Davis 205-325-5648
Circuit Court – Bessemer Criminal Division
Judge Phone
Judge David Hobdy 205-497-8572
Judge David Carpenter 205-497-8562
Circuit Court – Birmingham Domestic Relations Division
Judge Phone
Judge Patricia Stephens (Presiding Domestic Relations) 205-325-5406
Judge Nakita Blocton 205-325-5562
Judge Agnes Chappell 205-325-5022
Judge Anne Durward 205-325-5090
Circuit Court – Bessemer Domestic Relations Division
Judge Phone
Judge Debra Winston 205-497-8530
Circuit Court – Birmingham Family Court Division
Judge Phone
Judge Janine Hunt-Hilliard (Presiding Family Court) 205-325-5538
District Court – Birmingham Civil Division
Judge Phone
Judge Shera Grant (Presiding District Civil) 205-325-5593
Judge Martha Cook 205-325-5336
Judge Ruby Davis 205-325-5328
Judge Debra Weston-Pickens 205-325-5753
District Court – Bessemer Civil Division
Judge Phone
Judge Debra Winston 205-497-8530
District Court – Birmingham Criminal Division
Judge Phone
Judge Katrina Ross (Presiding District Criminal) 205-325-5296
Judge William Bell, Jr. 205-325-5293
Judge Maria Fortune 205-325-5013
District Court – Bessemer Criminal Division
Judge Phone
Judge Thomas Thrash 205-497-8557
District Court – Birmingham Family Court Division
Judge Phone
Judge Pamela Cousins 205-325-5848
Judge Alan Summers, Jr. 205-214-8688
District Court – Bessemer Family Court Division
Judge Phone
Judge Lorraine Pringle 205-744-3555
Probate Court
  • Judge James Naftel: 205-325-5203
  • Judge Sherri Friday: 205-325-5426
  • Deputy Judge Elizabeth North (Bessemer): 205-481-3253
  • Birmingham Office: 205-325-5420
  • Bessemer Office: 205-481-4100

Jefferson County Court Administration
  • Main: 205-325-5674

Family Court Administration
  • Birmingham Office: 205-325-5491
  • Bessemer Office: 205-744-3500

Circuit Clerk
  • Birmingham: 205-325-5355
  • Jacqueline Anderson-Smith, Circuit Clerk
  • Bessemer Office: 205-497-8510
  • Karen Dunn Burks, Deputy Circuit Clerk

District Attorney
  • Birmingham Division: 205-325-5252
  • Danny Carr, District Attorney
  • Bessemer Division: 205-497-8610
  • Lynneice Washington, Deputy District Attorney

Public Defender
  • Main: 205-588-4220
  • Adam Danneman, Public Defender


Independent from the Jefferson County Commission
Emergency Contacts
Office Director Contact
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Mark Pettway Main: 205-325-5700
Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency Jim Coker Main: 205-254-2318
Jefferson County Emergency Communications District (911) Donnie West Main: 205-783-1911
Jefferson County Department of Health Dr. David Hicks Main: 205-933-9110