Jefferson County, Alabama

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Welcome to the Jefferson County Online Permitting Portal

Jefferson County is pleased to offer its citizens, businesses, and visitors, access to improved government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This system will allow the citizens and customers of Jefferson County to:

  • Research public information
  • Register as a Company and/or Contractor
  • Submit a Permit application
  • View and track the status of their application
  • Make secure online payments
Please note: Jefferson County will no longer charge per item for trade permits (plumbing, fuel gas, mechanical, and electrical). All permit fees will be based on the job valuation. You will need a copy of the job contract, a quote or other documentation of the value of the work you will be doing on the permit in order to apply beginning February 3, 2020.

Determining your Property Jurisdiction

Itís important to determine in which jurisdiction a property is located before beginning any construction or development project, requesting services, or filing a complaint. A property within Jefferson County can be in a city/town (incorporated) or in an unincorporated area of the County (not in a city/town).

The ordinances, regulations and procedures that apply to how property can be used and developed, as well as building standards and construction requirements, may differ based upon the jurisdiction in which the project is located. Be sure you know where the property is located before you start your project!

  • To determine if you are within the Unincorporated Jefferson County jurisdiction:
  • You can use the CAPture system or the Jefferson County Tax Assessor Map to help you determine in which jurisdiction the property is located.
    If you have any difficulties using the instructions above, feel free to contact the Department of Development Services to determine whether your property is within the Unincorporated Jefferson County jurisdiction.

A permit from Jefferson County must be obtained for any private property construction, alteration, or repair work on buildings within the Unincorporated Jefferson County.
Sanitary sewer or septic tank approvals are required for all new construction and mobile home placement projects.