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This website is designed to provide information on the operation and duties of the Jefferson County Treasurer's office.

This office is dedicated to safeguarding the hard earned tax dollars of our citizens. The mission of the Treasurer is to put these dollars to work through prudent and safe investments.

Another function of the Treasurer's office is to provide the citizens of Jefferson County with transparency about the funds in the County's treasury.

The Treasurer receipts more than 600 million dollars annually and has a daily investment portfolio of approximately 40 million dollars.

Cash flow is managed on a daily basis and investments are made to ensure funds are available to meet the needs of the County. The Treasurer only invests in United States Treasuries or United States Government backed securities which are guaranteed as to principal and redeemable upon application as is provided in the Code of Alabama and the Treasurer's investment policy.

Safety, liquidity, and earning a market rate of return on the County's money are primary responsibilities of the Treasurer.

The Treasurer is also responsible for the payment of the County's vendors and the payroll of the County's employees. The Treasurer deposits its funds into the County's Operating Fund and the County's expenses are paid by warrants issued by the Jefferson County Commission.

More Information
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State Audit Reports 2001-2017

ACT 1197 Reports 2001-2017

Jefferson County Treasurer's Office
Room 300
Jefferson County Courthouse
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone Numbers
Phone - (205) 325-5373
Fax - (205) 325-5978