Jefferson County, Alabama

Truancy Intervention Program


General Information
Based on a collaborative effort between the school districts and the court system the Truancy Intervention Program is designed to detect and intervene at the earliest indication of poor school attendance. The three components of TIP are: Program for Early Attendance Childhood Help (PEACH), which addresses the attendance problems of children under the age of six; Early Warning, which addresses more serious attendance problems before a formal petition is filed; and Judicial Implementation where a formal petition is filed if attendance problems persist after informal interventions is tried. For further information about the TIP program contact the programs department at (205)325-5619 or Devella Malone at (205) 325-5824

Jefferson County Family Court
120 2nd Ct. North, Birmingham AL 35204

Maps & Directions:
Birmingham Courthouse
Bessemer Courthouse

Phone Numbers:
Birmingham (205) 325-5491
Bessemer (205) 744-3501