Jefferson County, Alabama

Electronic Monitoring Program


General Information
The Electronic Monitoring (EM) Program of Family Court involves the home detention of juvenile delinquents. Although introduced to address the dilemma of juvenile detention overcrowding, EM has expanded to serve as a tool of probation as well. Pre-adjudication and pre-placement juveniles have limited opportunities to leave the house (lockdown or house arrest) and are monitored exclusively through the use of ankle bracelets. Probation level juveniles are offered a broader spectrum of monitoring opportunities (work schedules, curfews, etc.) that can employ the use of ankle bracelets (BI, Inc.) or voice-print monitoring provided by Capstone Technologies. Prior to placement on electronic monitoring, candidates are risk-assessed to determine eligibility for the program. Disqualifying factors in the EM risk assessment include, but are not exclusive to gun offense, arson, serious violent offense, and Class A felony. The Electronic Monitoring Program employs five officers that monitor each youth's daily activity. For more information about EMP, please contact Calvin McGraw, EMP Coordinator at 205-521-7551.

Contact: Calvin McGraw 205-264-8162

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