Jefferson County, Alabama

Dept. of Human Resources Liaison


General Information
This person is DHR's first point of contact in assessing new cases filed regarding dependency, abuse and neglect at Family Court. Because the liaison is on-site at the Court, it allows the processing of those cases to be expedited. The liaison is available to all courtrooms and Intake Officers when DHR is actively involved in a case, or to access services through DHR if the need arises in court. This position provides a liaison for the Court staff in coordinating services to families to avoid duplication of effort.


The DHR Liaison, can be reached at 205-264-8160.


Jefferson County Family Court
120 2nd Ct. North, Birmingham AL 35204

Maps & Directions:
Birmingham Courthouse
Bessemer Courthouse

Phone Numbers:
Birmingham (205) 325-5491
Bessemer (205) 481-4225