Jefferson County, Alabama

Site Plan Review


Jefferson County Alabama - Site Plan Review

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Site Plan Review

The Engineer will submit site plans and all other associated documentation through the Accela Portal / Digital Plan Room, which can be found here. There will be a $10 technology fee and a $50 administration fee that will have to paid. The site plans and associated documentation need to be submitted in a PDF format. Click here for submission standards. Site plans will be categorized by office staff into major or minor site plans. Minor site plan review fee is $350 and will take up to 10 working days to complete the review. Major site plan review fee is $500 and will take up to 20 working days to complete the review.

Staff will review the plans for compliance and will send comments back to the engineer through the Accela / Digital Plan Room. If corrections are required, then the Engineer will need to make the proper corrections and re-submit them through Accela / Digital Plan Room for another round of reviews. See checklist for items that are needed on all site plan submittals.

Available documents for download