Jefferson County, Alabama



General Information
The Judicial staff consists of one Circuit Court Judge, Janine Hunt-Hilliard who serves as the Presiding Juvenile Judge and exercises executive and administrative authority; three District Judges: Pamela Cousins, Lorraine Pringle and Alan Summers; three referees: Alisha Ruffin, Amyrtle Allen and Benjamin Larkin; and their respective support staff. The Judges and Referees hear and decide all cases within the Juvenile Court jurisdiction. Family Court does not have jury trials.

Judicial Staff

Presiding Circuit Court Judge

Janine Hunt-Hilliard – (205) 325-5538

District Judges 

Pamela Cousins –(205) 325-5848

Lorraine Pringle- (205)744-3500

Alan Summers – (205) 205-214-8688


Amyrtle Allen

Alisha Ruffin

Benjamin Larkin

Jefferson County Family Court
120 2nd Ct. North, Birmingham AL 35204

Maps & Directions:
Birmingham Courthouse
Bessemer Courthouse


Phone Numbers:

Family Court
Birmingham (205) 325-5491
Bessemer (205) 744-3500