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Old Tuscaloosa Hwy Widening Project

Due to rapid growth in the McCalla area, Old Tuscaloosa Hwy will be widened and upgraded to meet future growth. This project is expected to improve both traffic flow on the road and enhance safety. Additional road projects are also taking place in the area.

Bell Hill Road Project Information

McAshan Drive Project Information

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There was a public meeting held about the project on June 15, 2023, at the McAdory Middle School to discuss the plan with the community. If you were not able to attend the meeting or want to provide feedback, please use the comment form below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Project:

Q. Why is the project being done?

The purpose of the project is to widen and upgrade the roadway corridor to improve safety and support increased traffic demands due to the rapid industrial and residential growth in the area.

Q. How much will this cost?

A: Approximately $12 million for construction only.

Q. Will there be road closures?

A: All roadwork will be done under traffic with the closure of adjacent travel lanes to minimize the impact on the traveling public. Access to businesses and residences will be maintained during construction.

Q. When will it start?

A: Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

Q. Is Jefferson County acquiring property by eminent domain?

A: Jefferson County is required by law to follow a specific process in acquiring property for public projects. The first step is evaluating the right of way needs for the project and communicating with residents regarding those impacts. A federally established valuation process is followed to determine the level of impact to each property owner as a result of the project. Additional design modifications may also result, as all efforts are made to reduce or eliminate impacts where possible while still supporting the roadway operation needs. While taking property by eminent domain is possible, it is the last step after all other efforts have been made.

Q. Will there be any impacts to the Davis Cemetery?

A: No. A ground penetrating radar assessment was completed at the site to identify any unidentified graves within the construction limits. Curb and gutter was also placed within the area to limit encroachment onto the site.

Q. How was the alignment of the roadway determined?

A: The widening of the roadway and alignment was based on impacting the least number of residents possible while trying to utilize real estate owned by Jefferson County and incorporate symmetrical widening when possible.

Q. Will there be environmental impacts?

Prior to the completion of the roadway design, the County is obligated to conduct environmental impact studies which includes a habitat assessment to identify any threatened and endangered species that could be located in the area. Those findings dictate if a presence/ absence survey conducted by a USFWS and state of Alabama permitted individual will be needed. Furthermore, the County will also conduct a stream and wetland survey. The County will follow steps to make sure the proper permits are obtained through USACE as directed by the Clean Water Act.