Jefferson County, Alabama

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Jefferson County Commission Supports SB219 The Farm Center Bill

The Jefferson County Commission announces it support for Alabama SB219, known as the Farm Center Bill. The bill has passed the State House and Senate and is awaiting signature by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. The bill provides for the Alabama Farmers Federation to build a state-of-the-art agricultural center on the iconic Hallmark Farms property in northern Jefferson County that would be an attraction for not only the state, but the entire southeast region.

“The development of this new state agricultural center is not only good for the County, it’s good for the entire region.” said Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens. “It will make northern Jefferson County a family fun destination for people across the southeast.”

Commissioner Joe Knight, President Pro-Tempore of the Commission added, “The northern part of Jefferson County has been growing, and this new agriculture center will be the feather in the cap. We’ve needed that large attraction and this agricultural center is the perfect fit. It will not only bring events like rodeos, but it will also be a learning center.”

About Jefferson County

Founded in 1819, Jefferson County is the most populated county in the State with more than 670,000 residents. It is governed by five commissioners elected from specific districts. Commission meetings are listed on the county website calendar at and can be watched live, along with all Planning and Zoning Board meetings. A video archive of those meetings is also available on our website.