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Jefferson County Commission Cuts Checks to Local School Boards

Birmingham, AL The Jefferson County Commission will be distributing its annual $18-million dollar allocation to local Boards of Education over the next two-weeks. The following is a breakdown of the distribution and is based on the number of students in each school district from Jefferson County.

Bessemer City Schools                                                   $    636,202.57

Birmingham City Schools                                               $3,867,813.82

Fairfield City Schools                                                       $    292,247.09

Homewood City Schools                                                $    808,634.74

Hoover City Schools                                                        $1,880,181.63

Jefferson County Schools                                               $6,714,934.41

Leeds City Schools                                                          $    343,239.99

Midfield City Schools                                                      $    192,427.11

Mountain Brook City Schools                                        $    831,520.63

Tarrant City Schools                                                        $    243,158.94

Trussville City Schools                                                    $    861,290.65

Vestavia City Schools                                                      $1,328,348.42

Total                                                                                 $18,000,000.00


About Jefferson County

Founded in 1819, Jefferson County is the most populated county in the State with more than 670,000 residents. It is governed by five commissioners elected from specific districts. Commission meetings are listed on the county website calendar at and can be watched live, along with all Planning and Zoning Board meetings. A video archive of those meetings is also available on our website.