Jefferson County, Alabama

Appraisers In Field


Appraisers from the Jefferson County Board of Equalization are out conducting the annual review of property per the Code of Alabama, Title 40, 1975. Please know appraisers are in marked county vehicles and will have a county ID. 

Reasons they may be passing by your property include:

  • Review due to recent sale or purchase
  • Review changes reported on a building permit
  • Review records for accuracy
  • Review inventory/new construction

Review work is done to ensure that the footprint is still as listed from the last visit. If additions have been made, the appraiser may need to measure that addition to add it to the inventory listed for your property. An example might be the addition of a 20 x 20 den or a new wood deck. If you have questions about why an appraiser is asking to be on your property, you can contact the Board of Equalization at 205-325-5566.