Jefferson County, Alabama

Illegal Dumping and Volunteer Cleanups


Jefferson County spends millions of dollars each year picking up litter and removing illegal trash piles from alongside our roadways. These same dollars could be used to fix potholes and pave more roads.

Litter not only looks bad and reduces property values, it is harmful to the environment and waterways. Jefferson County needs your help to stop these illegal activities and help keep our County clean. To report Criminal Dumping, call our hotline at (205) 582-6555. Note: Within the City limits of Birmingham call 311, for all other municipalities, call your local city or town hall. 

Volunteer Cleanup Program
People litter where they feel comfortable, do not think they will be caught, and probably don’t realize the impact that it has on their community and the environment. Jefferson County Commission partnered with Alabama People Against Litter State (AL PALS) to provide educational and volunteer litter cleanup materials and resources for our communities. These events are means for our communities to come together with the common goal of tackling the litter epidemic in our area. Often, the mindset of an individual changes after they participate in one of these events, especially after they see the negative impact that habitual littering has on our roadways, waterways, and environment. Come join us and host an event in your community. Resources such as traffic support, cleanup supplies, and trash pile pick up and disposal are provided for free. Click here to learn more. 

If you are not interested in hosting an event but are interested in participating in an upcoming event below is a map of events and locations: 

Be a Litter Quitter!

Jefferson County Commission is a proud supporter of Litter Quitters, a County wide anti-litter campaign that focuses on educating high school students about the negative impacts of litter by giving them an opportunity to participate in an annual video competition. 

  • Students win cash prizes if their video gets the most ‘likes’ during a 12-day competition.  View the students’ videos here. Voting is only open annually between April 10 – April 22.
  • One student from each participating public high school in Jefferson County is featured in an annual public service message aired on local televisions.