Open Systems

IT Business Applications Open Systems Group
Systems working together to deliver value-added customer solutions

The purpose of the Open Systems Group is to develop new applications for Jefferson County that use open systems architecture and open standards.

Open architecture and open standards allow software developers and project managers to select the best tool for the job at hand. Open systems tools are designed to work together for the best solution and to give developers more choices for creating business solutions.

Open Definitions

  • Open architecture - An architecture whose specifications are public. This includes officially approved standards as well as privately designed architectures whose specifications are made public by the designers. The opposite of open is closed or proprietary.
  • Open standards - Specifications for hardware and/or software that are publicly available. Open standards imply that multiple vendors can compete directly based on the features and performance of their products. It also implies that the existing open systems can be removed and replaced with that of another vendor with minimal effort and without major interruption.
  • Open source software - Software for which the source code is distributed along with the executable program, and which includes a license allowing anyone to modify and redistribute the software.

Examples of Open Systems at Jefferson County

  • The Fuel Ticket Processing System (FLEET) is an application used to reconcile fuel consumption for Jefferson County’s vehicle fleet.  Fuel charges are validated and reconciled and then charged to the appropriate county department.

Open Systems Tools in use at Jefferson County

  • Visual Basic
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Oracle
  • HyperText  Marketup Language (HTML)
  • Crystal Reports