Jefferson County, Alabama

Board of Equalization


2019 Annual Protest Season is now open 

Objections to the 2019 BOE established values can be requested from September 20th through October 19th.

Taxpayers or their representatives can return their written request to protest to the Jefferson County BOE Offices located at the Birmingham or Bessemer Courthouses.

If you are representing a taxpayer, please make sure to have a written authorization signed by the taxpayer giving you permission to represent them.  

If you prefer to submit an electronic objection you may CLICK HERE.  You must have your evidence available and scanned into a PDF file to submit.

CLICK HERE  for instructions on how to use the CAPture Portal.  Online Protest will be available September 20, 2019.  

Thank you for your patience.


 Board of Equalization

Maria Knight, Chairman
Robert Thomason, Associate Member
Margie George, Associate Member

The Board consists of three members who serve as a quasi judicial review panel for property owners who wish to challenge the market value of their property. Market values set by a Property Appraiser may be changed by the Board when a property owner can prove the appraised value is not based on the property’s fair market value.


  Vision Statement

Our vision is to value fair and equitably all taxable real property in Jefferson County, to notify taxpayers of valuation increases, to hear and to decide protests, and to defend established values in court.


 Mission Statement

Our mission is the equalization of Real Property in Jefferson County by establishing fair and reasonable market value using appraisal methodologies and practices as set by statutory requirements and the Alabama Department of Revenue. We adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction while serving the taxpayers with knowledge and respect. The Board of Equalization will operate in an environment that is conducive to our taxpayers and to the professional and personal growth of its employees.


B.O.E. Property Information (Capture Portal)  -  Use this link to look up a parcel's value and the Parcel Number

Jefferson County GIS Tax Maps

Birmingham Office
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N
Suite A500
Birmingham, AL 35203

Bessemer Office
1801 3rd Avenue North
Room 204 
Bessemer, AL 35020