Board of Equalization

Maria Knight, Chairman
Robert Thomason, Associate Member
Margie George, Associate Member

B.O.E Property Information (Capture Portal)

  • 2018 Values are a work in progress
  • 2018 Values will not be official or posted until the Alabama Department of Revenue (ALDOR) approval in spring 2018
  • 2018 Protest will not be accepted until 2018 values are official
  • Return to this site by June 22, 2018 to view possible announcements of an approval date and 2018 protest period

    This act requires that if a party intends to offer a sale or lease transaction as evidence of the value of the property when protesting to the board of equalization or appealing to circuit court, the party must disclose certain information regarding the proposed comparable sale/lease. This information is (1) whether the comparable was occupied or unoccupied at the time of the sale/lease and (2) whether the comparable was subject to any use, deed, or lease restrictions at the time of the transaction which would prohibit the property from being used for the purpose for which the building was designed/ constructed/altered/renovated/etc. Failure to disclose this information at the time the evidence is entered will cause it to be inadmissible.


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