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The Jefferson County Commission approved an emergency contract amendment with AmWaste, the current franchise holder for residential garbage pickup in unincorporated Jefferson County.  This amendment (click here) allows for the company to base its rates on fuel costs, based on the Alabama Department of Transportation Fuel Index, as well as the consumer price index. The County will also do a quarterly review and adjustment of rates with AmWaste, meaning if gas prices go down, these rates could go back down.


Jefferson County contracted with AmWaste after a public bid process 1.5 years ago, where they were the lowest bidder. The original contract allowed for an increase not to exceed 3 percent annually for inflation, that provision was amended to an increase based on the consumer price index and fuel index. The inflation rate in 2021 was 7 percent, and that along with skyrocketing fuel prices has created an unsustainable business position for AmWaste. The County faced a situation with potential delays in collection, which would create a public health situation.


“We know the citizens of Jefferson County are getting hit hard with inflation and gas prices and we certainly don’t want to add to it, but this was the most fair and equitable way for the company to continue to service residents during this difficult time,” said Jefferson County, County Manager Cal Markert. “We are working on longer term solutions, but this will at least keep the service in place until we’ve had time to thoroughly vet our options.”


AmWaste plans the following increase for current residential subscribers. If gas prices go down, these rates could be lowered in the future.



Prior Quarterly Rate

New Quarterly Rate

Single Family Residential



Single Family with Yard Waste



Back-Door Service (non-disabled)



Back-Door Service (disabled)



Additional Cart (No Change)



For questions, about the contract amendment, please call the County Manager’s Office at 205-731-2880.  For questions about service or billing, please contact AmWaste directly at 1-888-449-6277 or