Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for the management of all aspects of On-The-Job Injuries and Illnesses, and the administration of Workers' Compensation benefits, under the Code of Alabama.  There are procedures that should be followed so that injuries are properly handled. 

Risk Management is also responsible for Safety and Accident Prevention, as well as investigating Property Damage and Auto Liability/Collision claims

Below are procedures to reporting on the job injuries, workers’ compensation and injury with pay (IWP) guidelines, county vehicle accident guidelines as well as documents that employees and affected departments should submit to the Risk Management Office.

Risk Manager
Phone: (205) 325-4891

Sophia Juzang
Risk Management Coordinator
Phone: (205) 214-5509

Jefferson County Courthouse Annex - 4th Floor, Room A440
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone Numbers:
Fax: (205) 581-7596

Risk Management Documents

Occupational Health Documents