Infrastructure Division - Server Uptime

Application and Server Uptime

One of Information Technology's primary goals is to maintain maximum uptime for applications and servers. Hardware and software upgrades and maintenance are scheduled during off hours to minimize the impact on the user departments. In the event of a hardware failure or serious application problem, servers or applications may sometimes not be available during business hours for short periods of time while every effort is being made to restore systems to operation.  

Mainframe and Citrix Uptime

Jefferson County's mainframe computers run a host of business applications including Tax Collection, Criminal Records, Payroll/Personnel, Finance, and Revenue. Most of these applications have been in place for a number of years and have served Jefferson County well in meeting its business needs.

Citrix gives your workforce secure, easy and instant access to enterprise applications, information, processes and people - anytime, anywhere, using a diskless workstation and a network connection to deploy applications via the web.